A beautifully staged home is one that instantly captures the attention of the buyer. If it looks good, there’s a good chance that you are going to make a sale. However, good home staging is not easy.

Why Home Stage?

Your home on sale is assessed at the very first glance… your property’s first look will be remembered by the homebuyer, as it plays a big part in their decision making. That first look and impression determines whether you captured the buyer at the price you want or not.

Home staging is not just about making the home look presentable, it is about making the home look right for your buyer.

What Does Home Staging Do?

Using few materials, a theater stage is built from scratch to create a holistic and imaginative atmosphere. Here are some of the things that home staging does.

  • Make the home feel more welcoming
  • Rearrange the furniture to create a more spacious home
  • Deal with chipped and cracked paint work
  • Give the home the right warmth
  • Ensure the lighting focuses on the right parts
  • Subtly create potential for imaginative living space
  • Utilize soft fabrics to give the home a comfortable environment
  • Make sure the home carries a clean smell

Home staging is not just about making the home you have on sale look good. You want to make it look perfect for the buyer. When a prospective home buyer walks in your property, home itself should affirm that this could be their home, without you having to say it.

That’s what home staging does.

It Works

  • The pictures of a staged home bring your home more visits from potential buyers.
  • A staged home spends 83% less time on the market than the non-staged homes.
  • Many staged homes sell within a 30-day period.
  • 98% of home buyers can’t visualize empty rooms Staged homes helps the buyers imagine a living space that’s perfect for them.

Splendid Furnishings offers Home Staging


We are expert at home furnishing and we do a fantastic home staging job. The Edmonton real estate market continues on a strong growth rate. More residential properties are on sale in the market than the last year, and the population and demand in the city continues to grow.

A vacant, or just a nice looking house, won’t cut it to make the sale.

At Splendid Furnishings, we are experts at home decor and home staging. We have the right training and experience to turn a lackluster home into the one that is envied and wanted by your buyers. We make home staging process simple for you!

We always take the requirements of our clients into consideration. Whether it is a time or price constraint, we will always provide just what you need and require. We have staged numerous homes in vacant and occupied homes for home sellers and realtors.

When you are putting a home on sale, make sure you get it home staged by Splendid Furnishings.

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